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Emergency Call-Out

Upon request, our team will visit your site to collect data on an affected part, process the data and prioritise its production as quickly as possible, ensuring you keep your lines running. This can be as fast as 24 hours.

Digital Storeroom Access

You will be provided with secure, 24/7 access to your AddParts digital storeroom, allowing you to view your stocked parts’ details and order them when needed.

Fast Turn Around Spare Parts

Our standard lead time for the supply of digital parts is 48 hours.*

Order History

Order history is available for AddParts that have been purchased before. This will show you what configuration was ordered, when the order was placed and if necessary, a CofC number.

Priority Production Available

If a part is required urgently, we can reconfigure our production schedule to ensure that your component is supplied in the fastest possible way.

Unlimited Users

We will set up as many users as you need on AddParts ensuring your team fully uses the platform including booking data logging days, accessing the storeroom to browse parts, ordering parts, reviewing past orders, geometric verification data and more. Standard users can have a maximum of two registered users.

Fixed Cost CAD Creation Fees

CAD creation is necessary to convert the logged data for each part into a production-ready file. AddParts will fix the cost of the CAD creation fees so you know exactly what you are paying for the part.

Priority Data Logging

Our standard scanning rate is £1,000 per day to log part data into AddParts. AddParts subscribers will receive discounted data logging rates.

Bespoke Storeroom Organisation

Your AddParts store will be organised by plant list and parts, and we can also add line numbers and zones, ensuring that AddParts reflects your production facilities and unique part terminologies. This helps integrate AddParts into your organisation and helps you to identify parts more easily.

Digital Drafts

Via our storeroom admin section, you can upload details of a part not yet in your digital storeroom. We will then add this part to your AddParts storeroom as a draft part with an estimate based on the details provided. This is a great way to build your AddParts storeroom without the costs of up-front on-site or off-site data logging.

Downloadable Certificate’s of Conformity

Each order is supplied with CofC’s if that is what your production facility requires. To keep things simple and in one place, CofC’s will be available on the part page in your storeroom and will be downloadable.

Free Return Postage for Off-Site Scanning

If AddParts subscribers send components to us for off-site part data logging, we will return the original parts free of charge.

Scanning Hours* Included in Plan

AddParts subscribers will receive up to five hours of free on-site or off-site part data logging.

Unlimited Usage Period

AddParts trials are available, for up to 90 days per customer.

Custom Storeroom Branding

Ensure that your AddParts store becomes fully integrated with your other MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) systems.

Unlimited Parts

AddParts will not restrict the number of components held or added to your AddParts digital storeroom if you are a subscriber.

AddParts trials will have a maximum of three parts available.

We will add a maximum of ten parts per year to an AddParts standard account.

Digital Storeroom Plus

AddParts subscribers can use their AddParts store to hold details of parts they have already completed 3D CAD for, making your AddParts storeroom the single place to go for all your digital spare part needs.

Downloadable Design Changes Log

We operate an ISO9001 quality management system and are used to dealing with manufacturers of high-quality products across the UK. We recognise the need to integrate the decision making process into the supply of modified or upgraded components for your production lines and therefore we ensure design changes are logged. As an AddParts subscriber, you can download this design changes log to integrate with your quality management system.

Free Design Optimisation Consultancy*

There are countless opportunities to improve components by taking advantage of industrial 3D printing. Lighter-weight parts can make efficiency improvements, assemblies can be redesigned to be constructed from fewer parts, we can build in obsolescence/failure, modularise large parts to reduce ongoing costs and help you switch to sustainable materials. This is possible by applying the right knowledge in 3D CAD and industrial 3D printing. AddParts subscribers can get access to up to ½ a day per year of free consultancy to see how they can benefit.

5% discount on CAD Release Fee

Our CAD release fees are charged when useable 3D CAD data leaves the AddParts system and the costs can vary, the minimum charge is £150. You can find more details about CAD release fees in your AddParts store admin page. AddParts subscribers receive a 5% discount for CAD release fees.

Monthly / Annual Fee

Our 90-day trials are available free of charge as is AddParts standard – we’re always there for UK manufacturers whether they are subscribers or not. However, our fees are very reasonable for AddParts, and it will unlock significant functionality (as outlined above) for AddParts users. Our prices are as follows:

  • £95/month charged on an annual basis.
  • £110 charged monthly.

* 48 hours is our standard lead time for components that have already been created as a production-ready part, are made from a single material, and are produced in-house with a standard finish. Parts like this account for the majority of AddParts.
** Up to 5 hours per year, per customer.
+Does not include topology optimisation, 3D print audits or FEA studies, maximum of ½ a day of consultancy free of charge.