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Pharmaceutical industry reaps rewards from new cutting edge technology

September 28, 2023

Manufacturers across the pharmaceutical industry are improving their production processes thanks to an innovative new service.

AddParts, supplies digital spares on-demand for automated production lines through the use of 3D scanning, digital data management and industrial 3D printing, giving customers a competitive advantage by reducing critical component related downtime on automated production lines.

The service is provided by South Yorkshire based Addition Design, one of the first businesses in the country to invest in and develop the necessary 3D technology to effectively meet the demands of typical AddParts customers. This new service provides clear advantages for customers across the pharmaceutical sector including current customers SGS Quay Pharma, Ethypharm, ADS Graphics and Chester Medical Solutions.

The investment in equipment, and in subsequent expert personnel at Addition, supports AddParts unique methodology of unlocking the benefits of an end-to-end advanced digital workflow that provides new opportunities and delivers high-performance spare components with reduced lead times.

The company has seen its work with pharmaceutical companies increase over the past 12-months following a £100,000 investment by Addition Design in three key areas of their business including the high-res 3D scanner which quickens downtime for customers, a portal system providing a virtual stock room of components and in production technology so the back end processes run as smoothly as possible.

Tom Fripp, director at Addition Design said: “As a business we have been focussing on end-to-end outputs and over the last 12 months heavily invested in three key areas to create a much more streamlined approach for our customers. This has really appealed to pharmaceutical manufacturers in particular, as we are able to offer a more efficient service and shorter lead in times which is a huge benefit to them.

“Our 3D scanner helps customers further reduce downtime by eliminating the need for them to send their components for reverse engineering. Instead, the AddParts team can travel to a customers’ automated production lines, scanning parts on-site and significantly reducing the time lost in transit. That starts the process of digitising critical parts which are ultimately supplied back to the customer in the form of durable, high-quality components with very quick lead times.

“So, for example, one pharma customer we have was experiencing issues on a machine’s timing system which was causing lengthy downtimes of weeks to months, and significant costs. We were able to turnaround a solution in just 72 hrs and replacement parts were back on the machine within only four days. This made a massive difference to their production and saves a lot of time and money.

“The last year has certainly been a journey of discovery for us as a business but now the pieces are coming together, and we are proud to have AddParts which is a really focussed solution for the pharmaceutical industry that manufacturers can truly benefit from.”